Honest & professional editing services for your writer’s voice.

I’m an independent editor based in the South West of England, with a BA degree in English literature & creative writing. I offer a range of services aimed towards improving and supporting your writing and unique writer’s voice.

Whether you’re working on a factual project, a high-fantasy novel or a poetry collection, I will work with you to help make your project the best it can be. I work on a case by case basis, as each client and project is individual and thus my feedback is always solely focused around you, your writing project and the goals you wish to achieve from it.

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Thorough readings of your writing in order to ensure the punctuation, grammar and spelling are up to scratch before your work goes out into the big wide world. This is the last step any project goes through, so despite it being a thorough service, it doesn’t involve any contextual suggestions regarding organisation, structure, rewording etc.


Whilst checking for the same checklist as proofreading, this service offers a wider reading of your work, involving analysing your work for it’s readability, it’s projected purpose from an outsiders perspective, along with the consistency, quality and accuracy of your writing. This is the most commonly picked service, as it encompasses all of the proofreading checks, and more, but doesn’t involve anything like an entire rewrite.

Developmental editing

This process involves the same aspects of copy-editing & proofreading, this service focuses on editing your entire piece first, before getting into the nitty gritty details. This is a lengthy, rigorous, in-depth, supportive but sometimes ruthless process whereby your project will undergo a wide range of changes in it’s entirety, including restructuring, contextual changes and sometimes removing chunks of text that may be unnecessary or can be summarised in shorter, more concise sentences. I will provide you with in-depth feedback and our discussions will help us mould your writing into the best version of itself. This is usually the first step for bigger projects.


Sophie Jade Editorial Consultant is an independent editing service based in the South West of England.

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